Real Name Kyle Foster
Designation Agent
Motto Just another walk in the park, provided the park is in The West Bank.
First Appearance Born to Be BAD (3 Short Stories)

Kyle was recruited from the SEALS. A team leader, he always makes sure his teammates come out alive. Of course he doesn’t mind breaking the rules to get there and we won’t go into why the SEALS were ready to let him go…that’s a real long story.

His main gift is computers, but he’s also a whiz with arms and explosives.


Real Name Zoe
NickName Zoh
Pronunciation Zoh-ee
Designation Dark-Huntress
Date of Birth 150 BC
Motto “Man? What Man? I thought he was a punching bag
First Appearance #9 Dark Side of the Moon (Ravyn & Susan)

Zoe is the daughter of an Amazon Queen. She is one of the very few female Dark-Hunters. Her weapons of choice are a whip and a bow. She strikes fast and plays vigilante with the human police.

Impatient and quick-tempered, she’s never disclosed what brought her into the realm of the Dark-Hunters.

She keeps her past close to her heart. Though she avoids most men entirely, she is fond of Talon and Kyrian. And at times, Xander has been known to make her laugh when no one else can.


NickName Tor
Pronunciation Tor-stin
Designation Helhound
Motto You look like shit. Is that the style now?
First Appearance Darkness Within (Kaziel & Avery)

The leader of the Helhounds in the human realm, Tor has had his hands full keeping his people safe and together. He is completely sick over what happened to Kaziel, Soren and Tyr and has tried many times to free them.

It never went well for any of them.

“Babe, news flash, with the exception of you and the pirate, we’re all animals here. And we all have a killer’s instinct.” – Fury (Nothing to do with Torsten)


Real Name Garafyn
Pronunciation Gehr-uh-fan
Designation Gargoyle
Hair Color Black
Motto You never know who’s on my menu– it depends on who got in my way that day.
Worst Enemy Morgen le Fey
First Appearance Sword of Darkness (Kerrigan & Seren)

At one time a knight of the Round Table, Garafyn learned of Mordred’s coming treachery. He set out with his army to stop him only to be ambushed Mordred’s fey kin. Angry over the attack against her son, Morgen cursed all the members of his army into becoming unsightly gargoyles. But unknown to her, Garafyn had a fey lover who was unhappy with his hideous state since she really did have feelings for him and she wanted to be able to continue her relationship with the handsome knight and not the twisted gargoyle.

She mitigated the curse by enabling Garafyn and his army to appear human underneath the light of a full moon. Morgen killed her for the audacity and now they are all trapped in this hellish curse. As further punishment, Morgen sent out word to Arthur that Garafyn and his troops had betrayed the king. Now they are hated by the very people they sought to protect.


Real Name Serre Peltier
NickName Si
Pronunciation Sayer
Designation Bear
Hair Color Blond
Motto The boys aren’t back in town. The bears are…
Best Friend Griffe
First Appearance #8 Unleash the Night (Wren & Maggie)

Twin to Griffe, he’s a loafer and comedian who fills in wherever he’s needed.

The Peltiers Are:

Papa Bear (Aubert)


NickName She
Pronunciation Mah-nah-shee
Designation Dog
Motto I like cats too. Let’s exchange recipes.
First Appearance Born of Ice (Devyn & Alix)

Omari’s best friend and companion. She is never far from his side.


Real Name

Tabitha Devereaux

NickName Tabby, T
Designation I don’t do labels
Height 5′10
Hair Color Auburn
Motto Laugh it up, @#$#@, but she who laughs last, last longest and I intend to belly-roll tonight.
Best Friend Amanda/Bride
Worst Enemy Kyrian
First Appearance #1 Night Pleasures (Kyrian & Amanda)

The twin sister of Amanda, Tabby is something else. The only question is what? She walks to her own beat and takes nothing from anyone. She is the baddest thing that stalks the night.

The Deveraux sisters (listed in birth order):

Esmeralda (Essie)
Yasmina (Mina)
Petra (Pet)
Ekaterina (Trina)
Tiyana (Tia)
Selena (Lanie)
Tabitha (Tabby)


Real Name William Jessup Brady
NickName Jess/Sundown
Designation Cowboy Dark-Hunter
Date of Birth AD 8/14/1869
Motto Be good, be gone or be dead.
First Appearance #3 Dance With The Devil (Zarek & Astrid)

Jess was orphaned at age five and grew up under the harsh hand of a preacher man who owned the local orphanage. At age eleven,

he ran away and headed out west where he quickly learned life wasn’t fair and it wasn’t easy for a boy with no family.

By age sixteen, he’d learned to make his living as a gunslinger, train robber and card sharp. He lived his life hard and was ruthlessly shot in the back on his way to his wedding by his best man who was the only man he’d ever trusted who wanted to collect the bounty on his head.s

Mama Lo

Real Name Nicolette Peltier
NickName Mama Lo
Pronunciation Nick-o-let Pel-tee-aa
Designation Ursulan Regis
Hair Color Blond
Motto Power is not revealed by striking hard or often, but by striking true
Best Friend Aubert
Worst Enemy Wren
First Appearance #2 Night Embrace (Talon & Sunshine)

Mama Lo is a surrogate mother to a lot of the beasts who call Sanctuary home, but she’s also a bear and will not hesitate to do whatever she must to protect her den. Her children are her world and woe to anyone who threatens them.